Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Erotigacha 2 - Sinful Summer!

Hard Alley is pleased to announce Erotigacha 2 - Sinful Summer, an Adult Gacha Fair!

Where:  Hard Alley
When:  Aug 1-Aug 16

Our first Erotigacha was a huge hit with thousands of people spending many more thousands of Lindens!  Everyone had a fun time (once things settled down and people could get INTO the sim), and we saw over 100 gacha machines with some incredibly cool gachas!

Now, Hard Alley brings you Erotigacha 2 - Sinful Summer, and already we have over 25 designers participating!  Space is filling up fast, so if you are a designer and interested in being part of the fun, read the information below and send in your registration now!


Yes, this is an Adult Gacha Fair, on an Adult sim, BUT your items DO NOT HAVE to be adult themed (you don't have to make penis or sex themed things, but you can if you want of course.)

Cost:  1,500L for a 5m x 3m space..  This covers up to 2 gacha machines.  Extra gacha machines can be placed for 250L each.  For example, if you want to set out 4 gacha machines in your 5x3 space, it would be 1,500 for the first 2, and 250 each for the next two, for 2,000L total.  If you want an extra 5x3 space (including 2 more gacha machines), it will be another 1,500L

Land Impact:  Please keep Land Impact reasonable.

Gacha Machines:  Bring your own gacha.  They are very reasonable on the Marketplace.  No regular vendors please, only gachas.

Exclusivity:  You of course are more than welcome to sell your items in stores AFTER the event, but please wait until the event is finished.

Price:  Typically gacha items run between $25-100L per play . We would like to see all the gachas fall within this reasonable range, but if you have special circumstances, please talk with us first.

This event will be supported with several parties and advertising on Flickr and Facebook leading up to and for the duration of the event.


IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS EVENT, please fill out the form below and return asap to Hard Rust (please add your name to the name of the notecard)


Second Life Name (not screen name):

Screen Name (if different from SL name):

Store Name:

General idea of what you will be creating ie) furniture, toys, accessories, clothing, etc. (if you don't know yet, that is okay):

In addition to my space with for 2 gachas, I would like to add _______ gacha machines to my space.  (Keep in mind that a 5x3 space can probably hold a maximum of 5 gacha machines).

Please send your payment to Hard Rust at the time you send this application.


What is Hard Alley?

Hard Alley was Second Life's first Urban Forced Fantasy Sim, and has been running strong for 8 years.  Our sim has many different themed areas that appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

What is a Gacha? (for those of you who don't know)

It is a "slot machine" with items that have been created by participants.  Consumers then "play" the gacha and randomly receive one of the items inside.  Typically "rare" items are included as well, items that are a little different from the rest, that the player will want to get, and therefore keep paying and playing to get that item!  I am sure most of us have been there, spending and spending on a gacha machine to get that ONE WE REALLY WANT! XD

Why are you charging for space this time?

Hard Alley cost money to run just like any other place in SL.  Providing you a place to make money (in some cases, quite a bit of it!), incurs a bit of expense for us.  Charging a nominal fee ensures that Hard Alley will be able to continue the Erotigacha fairs in the future, and also helps us not waste space on people that are not fully committed and don't show up, allowing more dedicated people to participate.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact Spirit Eleonara or Hard Rust.  Thanks again so much for your participation!

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